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February 19-21, 2019

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Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

international exhibition
of highly technological vegetable growing, industrial gardening and viticulture


We invite you to visit the stand of a domestic manufacturer of drip irrigation tape lines under the trademarks LABYRINTH and GARDEN TOOLS, and sprayer of irrigation mode “MIST”.

Drip irrigation is becoming more popular in the world, and in Ukraine as well. Nowadays drip irrigation is one of the most effective and economically efficient methods of irrigation for growing agricultural and decorative crops in fields, greenhouses, gardens, in landscape design.

Systems of drip irrigation have a number of advantages, which cannot be achieved with other systems or irrigation methods. The chief advantage is the ability to supply water, minerals and means of plant protection directly to the root zone of the plant, which helps minimize water, fertilizers and electricity use. Besides, another main advantage is lowering of the risk of plant infections, since this method does not allow appearance of water drops on leaves, which lead to infections transmission.

Irrigation of agricultural crops with common methods was always a labor-consuming process, which took much time and efforts, was limited in its opportunities, irrational and not effective enough. Water-use in dry areas is very important, as well as in the areas with limited water resources. When using standard  irrigation systems soil is watered excessively or not enough, which is inappropriate for some crops; there is no opportunity to apply minerals in a rational way, and the plant may get sunburns. Drip irrigation preserves the structure of soil, its aeration: soil crust does not occur, there is no siltation, because root system develops evenly and there is no oxygen deficit. The growth of weeds reduces. Row-spacing is dry and it eases the care. It is easy to assemble, use and repair. All these factors reduce efforts and increase yield. The use of drip irrigation system is the most progressive, rational, economic and effective way of irrigation, and does not require great professional knowledge and skills.

Tape line of spray-irrigation SILVER RAIN applies the method of surface-sprinkler irrigation, imitating mist over the irrigation area. It does not require high water pressure. Irrigation is even on all area. It allows applying fertilizers and means of plant protection directly through irrigation system, enabling even nutrition.

Stand number: 2A543

New venue:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02660 Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"


Our exhibitions

Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics

«Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics» - the exhibition project of modern agrarian technologies in vegetable growing, industrial gardening and the wine growing, intended to show all the best in a science, world and domestic experience in all chain of fruit-and-vegetable business «from a field and a garden to the consumer»

«Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics» - the exhibition of business dialogue uniting all participants of the Ukrainian fruit-and-vegetable business for the decision of problems arising in all links of manufacture, storage and logistics.

Creation in fruit-vegetable sector a long-term, competitive, perspective event of modern European level and consolidation around it participants of the market for the successful decision of specific targets.


  • To introduce heads and experts of the agricultural enterprises, farmers, private businessmen with sectors potential, modern technologies and perspective areas in fruit-and-vegetable business;
  • To show investment attractiveness of fruit-vegetable sector, its potential economic efficiency;
  • To promote the further development of branch on the basis of the best domestic and foreign experience and modern achievements of science and technology;
  • To show ways of the effective decision of concrete problems, arising in the process of production.
The venue of exhibition:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskyi Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"
To submit an application for participation in the exhibition, please contact:

Tel./fax: +380 44 490 64 69,
E-mail: Image
Post address: "B-13"
Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine