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Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Comments of participants "Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2015"


Kateryna Ye. Shevchenko, Manager and Consultant

We are a constant participant of the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition.

This time we are very satisfied with our participation, generally as in the past year and the year before it. This year, we have also held a seminar on blueberries. Judging by the number of visitors and series of questions asked, the theme for Ukraine is very urgent. Specialists from our nursery and from profile institutions acted as speakers there.

Great emphasis was made on the berries processing: jam, freezing, drying, which will give the product added value.

We are thankful to the organisers for an excellently done job.



Oleksandr Lasinskii, Company Representative

My name is Oleksandr Lasinskii and I am a representative of the German and Polish company PROFERT Technology in Ukraine.

Our company participates in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” for the first time and has been working in Ukraine for the third year already. We represent all range of microfertilizers at the market of Ukraine: for field crops, fruit and vegetables. Also, we represent the novelty of our company - the preparation “Kozak”, which is innovative not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. This product is the result of work of German scientists who have identified molecules of phosphorus that allowed showing good results during testing on all crops.

There were very many visitors having intensive interest to our products during the first two days of the exhibition. To tell the truth, we have not expected such quantity of interested visitors, who, even in this difficult time, are actively looking for solutions to increase efficiency of their agricultural production. The same is told by many participants here at the exhibition.

We will definitely participate in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2016”.


Profesiine Nasinnia

Ihor Radivilov, Head of Marketing Department

In the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” we have been participating for six years already (including times when in February “InterAGRO” was held). We are very satisfied with the exhibition. By the way, it is the only exhibition, in which we participate, and every time it surprises pleasantly. Notwithstanding the situation that is happening in the country now, the exhibition has a good amount of visitors and our needs are addressed.

For the third year in a row we offer retail sale for analysis and information on final consumer: we consider the mood and purchasing power final consumers have, demand for products; we also promote new products.

Our stand is usually divided in two parts – wholesale and retail. We have retail and professional segment, because we are importers and small package packers. Of course, we feel that both the past year and this year was started by farmers with saving money and searching for cheaper alternatives, but at the same time I cannot say that they are ready to save on quality. They are looking for an alternative, and this alternative can be provided by our company as we are importers of “Nong Woo Bio” (South Korea). In two words: it is a very large selection company, which, due to its location, probably severely competes with Dutch selectionists on pricing policy. This pricing policy is still suitable for  our farmers. They offer a wide range of Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, hot peppers, wide range of cucumber products; there are, of course, tomatoes, and onions, too. We chose few positions and they prove themselves very well in the fields, and through participation in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” we can promote them effectively.

We are pleased that we have a lot of permanent customers. Familiar people are coming, satisfied with the result – they will never buy a low-quality product any more. This means people learned to think correctly. Yes, these seeds are more expensive, but they give their fruits and their results. No need to buy 100 cucumber seeds, you can buy 10 and get the same result.

We are an optimistic company, and we hope that everything will be successful for us and for others, partners, suppliers, because we depend on each other. Yet, in the first row we depend on final consumers.

We actively promote the ideology of the products quality, placing advertisements in the press, holding various seminars, meetings our distributors. This year, we held the seminar for regional sellers, told them about advantages of our products, reasons why working with us is interesting and profitable, as we are in the market for a long time and monitor scrupulously the quality of products, packaging and partly ensure the harvest. We value our reputation very much.


The Rokosan company, Slovakia

Serhii Kosatyi, company representative in Ukraine

We participate in the Grain Tech Expo (Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics) exhibition and demonstrate the main product of the Rokosan company – liquid organic-mineral foliar fertiliser with the name Rokogumin. This fertiliser is new. On the European market it is present for about three years, and it makes its first year on the Ukrainian market now. We are the only and exclusive representative and distributor.

It took the Rokosan company 7 years to develop this product. This fertiliser is an amino acid complex, in which humates, humic acids and micronutrients are added. These components are added for “marketable cocktail”, but the main active ingredients are amino acids. It is important that the young growing plants have a full range of plant hormones and enzymes, and they need amino acid for their construction. We offer 17 amino acids to the plant. It is specific construction set that allows the plant itself to choose what it needs.

We participate in the exhibition organised by “Kyiv International Contract Fair”, LTD already for the second time – InterAGRO was the first exhibition we participated in, now it is Grain Tech Expo (Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics). This particular exhibition pleased us very much with the fact that, as a result of the previous exhibition and publications issued where we advertised our product, people found us, people come just to us. They are interested in more details and this interest is live and meaningful enough. This proves that we represent something special on the market, that among other foliar fertilisers we occupy a special niche, and this is our advantage.

We are satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitors. Particularly bright was the second day, all our staff working on the stand was occupied 100% of the time. On that day we distributed a big number of representative materials and received completed questionnaires of visitors, with which we will continue to work after the exhibition.

Thank you very much for the wonderful organisation, the excellent exclusive stand, the good place that you provided us with. We hope that in future we will work as well as we did.

New venue:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskoy Ave., UA-02660 Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"


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The venue of exhibition:

International Exhibition Centre
15 Brovarskoy Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine
Metro station "Livoberezhna"
To submit an application for participation in the exhibition, please contact:

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