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Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка Фрукты Овощи Логистика - специализированная выставка

Comments of participants

Comments of participants

Ivano Selleri, sales manager of commercial department at Agri Parts (Italy)

The Agri Parts company manufactures spare parts for agricultural machinery in Italy. We participate in the Grain Tech Expo exhibition for the first time, but we work on the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have acquired many customers; our company has already made many successful steps.

We are very satisfied with organization of the exhibitions, which was top notch. Among the visitors, we got many interesting contacts of both end customers - agricultural companies, and commercial organizations such necessary for us. We were pleased with the wide and diverse composition of exhibitors; we could also find our clients here. We wish the organizing company Kyiv International Contract Fair growth and development; it was a wonderful experience for us”.

Sergii Dalik, Head of commercial management, plant of wheel systems Konsima

“We usually present wheel systems for agricultural machinery at the exhibition Grain Tech Expo, but this time we additionally show wheels pairing systems, rims and tyres. Visitors were interested in all the assortment and range of services, so we were satisfied. This year we have held an international Skype conference “Man. Soil. Tractor. Harvest” for the first time at the exhibition. Gennadiy A. Lysak., the director of our company, was the speaker".

Klut Johannes Martin, Director of HORSCH (Germany)

“It has been several times that the trademark HORSCH is represented at the Agro Animal Show international exhibition. The company has been manufacturing tillage components for agricultural machinery on the market for more than 15 years. Every time we get persuaded that Ukrainian farmers learned to appreciate the quality of our products and increasingly choose HORSCH branded products among a large number of proposals, which is good news. We also have high hopes for the autumn exhibition InterAGRO that is a powerful incentive to get new permanent partners at the Ukrainian agricultural market”.

Vadym Koval, Regional Manager of the representative office in Ukraine of Horsch Ukraine, TOV

“The exhibition is wonderful, productive and promising. In comparison with other years, there were many visitors, but, better than that, the interested partners were presented, and it is very important for us, because we have high hopes for the Ukrainian market. The wisdom and reasonable approach to land farming has become one of the decisive factors in the selection of our products by leading farmers of Ukraine. The German quality and power of our products have great advantages among competitors.

Roman Mikhailik, Technical consultant of BD Agriculture Ukraine, TOV, Big Dutchman

“Big Dutchman holds leading positions on the market of closed type of keeping, feeding, systems of environmental control and neutralization of exhaust air for modern pig and poultry farming all over the world. Production of the Big Dutchman company has become a trademark of quality, prompt service and know-how, and is now represented at already five continents ˗ in more than 100 countries of the world. BD Agriculture Ukraine, TOV is the representative office in Ukraine and has considerable experience in building and reconstruction of modern pig and poultry farms. More and more pig farms of Ukraine trust the experience, quality of equipment and service of Big Dutchman. At the exhibition Agro Animal Show we presented ourselves not for the sake of finding new partners, but with the aim of presenting services and presentation of trade brand”.

Nataliia Kuzhel, Manager of the company Boehringer Ingelheim

“We participate in the exhibition Agro Animal Show not for the first time. Boehringer Ingelheim is a group of companies that operates on the market of Ukraine for more than 20 years. Our activities focus on research, development, manufacture and sale of medical products that improve health and quality of life for both people and animals. It has already been three years since that moment when the company began to develop vaccines for animals and we see a great success in this direction. At the exhibition Agro Animal Show we represented our innovative invention ˗ two vaccines that can be mixed together that is very important in the vaccination of animals (saving time and reducing stress for animals). The participation in this year's exhibition became very productive for us. We succeeded to meet not only permanent partners with which the cooperation is conducted over many years but also to establish contacts with new potential partners. We saw many interested small private farms at our stand. We were pleasantly impressed by the meeting with representatives of Canada, which in future are ready to invest in the development of the company. Based on the fact that we have our own research institute, the priority objectives are the research and the search for new technologies”.

Henrik Winkeler, General Director of the CAISLEY company

“Caisley is a company that engaged in the development of animal identification systems and manufacture of marking spares of equipment and accessories for animals marking. I was very glade that for the first two days of the Agro Animal Show exhibition there were many visitors who specialized in production of our brand. I was impressed by the fact that many agricultural enterprises were looking for future development prospects. I was pleased with the large number of dealers, who in the recent years observed the development of our company and at the exhibition came to us with proposals for cooperation. We have received a lot of useful contacts and acquaintances, but the strategy of our company does not have the goal of concluding contracts at the exhibition. One of the main goals of our visit to Ukraine is a dialogue with government structures to establish partnership. We strictly monitor the political situation in your country and see possible cooperation in this direction”.


Roman Murachov, Director of the Skiold Ukraine, LLC

Our company is one of the leading European manufacturers of agricultural equipment. I would like to note that the Agro Animal Show exhibition is the most productive and live for our business. As the exhibition is held in February, it is the best time for farmers and other representatives of the livestock industry. Thanks to such scale event the participants have the opportunity to meet with the existing partners and find the new ones for the conclusion of arrangements about cooperation. I am very grateful to the organizer of the exhibition for the fact that every year they listen to the small wishes of the participants, they correct some inconveniences with individual approach. We are incredibly satisfied with the big number of visitors”.

Oleg Prykhodko, Coordinator of the Farmet company in Ukraine

“This year, the Czech Republic was represented at the Grain Tech Expo exhibition by the company Farmet. We started our activity on the Ukrainian market in 1996 and thanks to our approaches to clients and also high-quality products we don’t lose the leadership among the competitors during all period of our work. Our company specializes in development, manufacture and sales of agricultural machinery for tillage and seeding with subsequent service. Another direction of our work is processing of oil crops, vegetable oils and fodder production. I am very pleased with the number of visitors, thanks to the participation in the exhibition, we found potential partners and conducted several interviews with partners interesting for our company. We are already preparing gradually for the autumn and plan a large exposition at the InterAGRO exhibition”.

Alexandra Josse, LACTO PRODUCTION company

The Lacto Production company (France) specializes in supplies of milk replacer for calves and participated in the Agro Animal Show exhibition for the first time.

“We participate in the Agro Animal Show exhibition for the first time. The company operates on the market of France for more than 15 years. The main direction of our activities is products exportation; more than 90% of products are exported into more than 40 countries of the world. We were really impressed with the number of visitors; unexpected was the fact that some companies got interested in our products even though they are not related to this product in their work. I want to note the good organization of the exhibition and great opportunities that participation in it offered. The Lacto's goal was not only simple presentation of the brand and products in Ukraine and search for a distributor of our products on the Ukrainian market. These three days were very productive for us, we have got interesting contacts, achievements and acquaintances; we hope that we will find a distributor here and become the constant participant of your exhibitions devoted to our specialization”.

Nataliia Kislytska, Regional Sales Manager at the Porc EX company

“The PORC EX company is one of three world leaders of the experts of pedigree piglets with Danish genetics Dan Avi that is considered the most efficient in the world. I am pleasantly impressed with the number of productive meetings in the crisis time and the number of interested potential buyers. I want to note that holding the exhibition at such time allows potential buyers to see the work of the leading companies that represent themselves here.

I especially want to thank the organizer of the Agro Animal Show exhibition – Kyiv International Contract Fair for their individual approach to companies’ desires”.



Comments of participants "Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2015"


Kateryna Ye. Shevchenko, Manager and Consultant

We are a constant participant of the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition.

This time we are very satisfied with our participation, generally as in the past year and the year before it. This year, we have also held a seminar on blueberries. Judging by the number of visitors and series of questions asked, the theme for Ukraine is very urgent. Specialists from our nursery and from profile institutions acted as speakers there.

Great emphasis was made on the berries processing: jam, freezing, drying, which will give the product added value.

We are thankful to the organisers for an excellently done job.



Oleksandr Lasinskii, Company Representative

My name is Oleksandr Lasinskii and I am a representative of the German and Polish company PROFERT Technology in Ukraine.

Our company participates in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” for the first time and has been working in Ukraine for the third year already. We represent all range of microfertilizers at the market of Ukraine: for field crops, fruit and vegetables. Also, we represent the novelty of our company - the preparation “Kozak”, which is innovative not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. This product is the result of work of German scientists who have identified molecules of phosphorus that allowed showing good results during testing on all crops.

There were very many visitors having intensive interest to our products during the first two days of the exhibition. To tell the truth, we have not expected such quantity of interested visitors, who, even in this difficult time, are actively looking for solutions to increase efficiency of their agricultural production. The same is told by many participants here at the exhibition.

We will definitely participate in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2016”.


Profesiine Nasinnia

Ihor Radivilov, Head of Marketing Department

In the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” we have been participating for six years already (including times when in February “InterAGRO” was held). We are very satisfied with the exhibition. By the way, it is the only exhibition, in which we participate, and every time it surprises pleasantly. Notwithstanding the situation that is happening in the country now, the exhibition has a good amount of visitors and our needs are addressed.

For the third year in a row we offer retail sale for analysis and information on final consumer: we consider the mood and purchasing power final consumers have, demand for products; we also promote new products.

Our stand is usually divided in two parts – wholesale and retail. We have retail and professional segment, because we are importers and small package packers. Of course, we feel that both the past year and this year was started by farmers with saving money and searching for cheaper alternatives, but at the same time I cannot say that they are ready to save on quality. They are looking for an alternative, and this alternative can be provided by our company as we are importers of “Nong Woo Bio” (South Korea). In two words: it is a very large selection company, which, due to its location, probably severely competes with Dutch selectionists on pricing policy. This pricing policy is still suitable for  our farmers. They offer a wide range of Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, hot peppers, wide range of cucumber products; there are, of course, tomatoes, and onions, too. We chose few positions and they prove themselves very well in the fields, and through participation in the exhibition “Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics” we can promote them effectively.

We are pleased that we have a lot of permanent customers. Familiar people are coming, satisfied with the result – they will never buy a low-quality product any more. This means people learned to think correctly. Yes, these seeds are more expensive, but they give their fruits and their results. No need to buy 100 cucumber seeds, you can buy 10 and get the same result.

We are an optimistic company, and we hope that everything will be successful for us and for others, partners, suppliers, because we depend on each other. Yet, in the first row we depend on final consumers.

We actively promote the ideology of the products quality, placing advertisements in the press, holding various seminars, meetings our distributors. This year, we held the seminar for regional sellers, told them about advantages of our products, reasons why working with us is interesting and profitable, as we are in the market for a long time and monitor scrupulously the quality of products, packaging and partly ensure the harvest. We value our reputation very much.


The Rokosan company, Slovakia

Serhii Kosatyi, company representative in Ukraine

We participate in the Grain Tech Expo (Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics) exhibition and demonstrate the main product of the Rokosan company – liquid organic-mineral foliar fertiliser with the name Rokogumin. This fertiliser is new. On the European market it is present for about three years, and it makes its first year on the Ukrainian market now. We are the only and exclusive representative and distributor.

It took the Rokosan company 7 years to develop this product. This fertiliser is an amino acid complex, in which humates, humic acids and micronutrients are added. These components are added for “marketable cocktail”, but the main active ingredients are amino acids. It is important that the young growing plants have a full range of plant hormones and enzymes, and they need amino acid for their construction. We offer 17 amino acids to the plant. It is specific construction set that allows the plant itself to choose what it needs.

We participate in the exhibition organised by “Kyiv International Contract Fair”, LTD already for the second time – InterAGRO was the first exhibition we participated in, now it is Grain Tech Expo (Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics). This particular exhibition pleased us very much with the fact that, as a result of the previous exhibition and publications issued where we advertised our product, people found us, people come just to us. They are interested in more details and this interest is live and meaningful enough. This proves that we represent something special on the market, that among other foliar fertilisers we occupy a special niche, and this is our advantage.

We are satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitors. Particularly bright was the second day, all our staff working on the stand was occupied 100% of the time. On that day we distributed a big number of representative materials and received completed questionnaires of visitors, with which we will continue to work after the exhibition.

Thank you very much for the wonderful organisation, the excellent exclusive stand, the good place that you provided us with. We hope that in future we will work as well as we did.


Comments of participants Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2014

Brusvyana: Kateryna Shevchenko, Manager:

“This year, the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2014 exhibition pleases us as usual. We represented the main berry cultures of our company: raspberry, blueberry and currant. Except participation with a stand, we held the seminar: “How to earn 1 million UAH on berry plantations”. The seminar was held successfully, it was visited by 105 people. The speaker was the director of our nursery and the selector Volodymyr I. Dmitriiev. The reports were about blueberry (how to set up a blueberry plantation and get profit), also about raspberry, blackberry and honeysuckle (rather rare culture). There were also other representatives of universities speaking.

A lot of visitors approached us at the exhibition, making the stand, as always, popular. The visitors are often interested in rare cultures, such as honeysuckle and actinidia. They aren't widespread cultures, and they are practically not represented in the market. The culture is rare, has specific taste, like kiwi, and, probably, it attracts people. Regarding honeysuckle, it is the earliest berry, and that’s why it is interesting for buyers.

As always, raspberry and blueberry are popular. In Ukraine there aren’t so many blueberry plantations, but we hope that in the near future stocks of this berry in the country will be augmented. Blueberry is popular because the berry is very expensive in the market. Last year the price for blueberry was from 90 to 130 UAH per kilo in different regions of Ukraine. That is, not every Ukrainian can buy these berries. So much more profitable is to plant it in your area. We give all necessary advice on planting crops.

Thanks to the organizer of the exhibition for the work done, the number and quality of visitors. The exhibition is at high level, as always”.

Frandesa: Yevhenii Shevchenko, Marketing Expert

“At the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2014 exhibition our company presents Byelorussian plant protection products. We have been participating in this exhibition several times. As before, we are satisfied with the results of our work here. We are pleased with good organization and the fact that there were few visitors who aren’t related to this business. On the second day of the work on the stand, we gained about 100 contacts of farms, which are focal for us.

Most likely, we will participate in your exhibition and the next year, after all, communicating with visitors, we noted for ourselves that they have an interest in our goods, but earlier they heard nothing about it. The Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition is a good tool to report the information about us, as about a rather new company in the market of Ukraine, to a large number of farms and other players of the market”.

AGRIKA, Nikolai Gordiichuk, Director:

“Our company is the producer of seed potatoes. We are engaged in importation of seed potatoes from the Netherlands and production in Ukraine.

The Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition passed successfully for us. For our company it is a bright event. The time before the season is especially successfully chosen. This year potatoes are, more than ever, actual therefore the work at the exhibition passed very dynamically – there are a lot of clients. But for us participation in the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition has already become a tradition, and, besides of search of new clients, this exhibition is also a place of meeting with our existing clients, the opportunity to update contacts and to communicate.

The exhibition is very positive for us and we plan to participate in it further”.

Profesiine Nasinnia, Ihor Radyvilov, Head of Marketing Department:

We occupy two niches in the market: it is a “mini package” of professional seeds and professional seeds in a professional package for farms. Regarding the “mini package”, for this moment we are the leader of the Ukrainian market, we have a big product range. We are distributors and importers of certain companies, as well as distributors of companies that exist in Ukraine. Mainly it is Dutch companies. We exclusively import the products of United Genetics, Tezie, Nong Woo Bio into Ukraine.

In the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition, we participate from the year of its foundation, i.e. already the fourth time, and are always very satisfied with the participation. The last two years, when the exhibition has already become narrow-targeted, the work results on it began excellent! Everything is great – both dates and subject.

We are very pleased that the large agricultural machinery separated and moved to the InerAGRO exhibition held in October, everything is done correctly. After walking through the stands, I can note that everything is grouped, and it is convenient for visitors.”

Adena, Ltd, Hryhorii Syrotynskii, Technical Director:

“At the Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition we offer equipment for processing of vegetables, planting and harvesting potatoes, the equipment for field and warehouses.

The Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition is wonderful, we got good results, distributed a lot of catalogs and have feedback. We participate in this exhibition for the second time and we think that we will participate the next year, too.

Producers of potatoes are interested practically in everything that we represent, beginning from the planting equipment, service and harvesting, and finishing the warehouse equipment, equipment for processing and preliminary processing.

We like that big agricultural machinery was moved to autumn terms on the InterAGRO exhibition this fact served that on this exhibition there was a target buyer, who knew where and what to look for, and for us it was easier to work”.


Responses of participants of Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2012 exhibition

REAKOM, TOV, scientific and production center
Serhii Fedianovych, Regional Representative

Our company is the only Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of chelate microfertilizers, containing microelements in a biologically active form, for pre-sowing seed processing and additional plant fertilizing.

In general we were satisfied with the quantity of visitors and the fact the exhibition is a specialized event. We have already participated in Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition and our potential customers know that we will be here. Visitors were interested in possibilities of the development of individual orders for creation and production of microfertilizers with the specified composition of microfertilizers, as it is very important to find the right proportions for particular soil.

We are very satisfied with the organization of Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition. Other organizers are very inferior concerning this.

Brusviana, Nursery of fruit and berry seedlings

We grow seedlings of remontant varieties of raspberries, Canadian blueberries (tall-growth blueberry), actinidia, black and color currants, large-fruited cranberry, blackberry without thorns and also various rare crops for wholesale and own garden center.

Participation in Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2012 exhibition was very successful for us. We found new customers, both retailers and wholesalers. And the dates of the exhibition are well chosen, because seedlings are planted in autumn.

Let me note that the business events of the exhibition gathered a large number of listeners interested in them. We are also planning to hold a seminar or a conference at Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2013.

Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics exhibition was held from the 21st till the 23rd of November 2012 in KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The organizer of the event is Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd.


Exhibitors Fruit.Vegetables.Logistics 2011 exhibition


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